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As of January 12, 2014 we have 11,575 members including 4 Life/Honor Roll members, 13 Life members, 14 Honor Roll members and 27 Affiliate members

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CSEA Retirees make a difference


A few short years ago, CSEA took action to create a Retiree Unit just as other major labor organizations had done many years earlier.
TODAY, CSEA's retirees "make a difference" for both active and retired members of CSEA in many ways. Our retirees did much to make CSEA the strong organization it is today while they were active employees themselves. Now they are not only looked to for assistance with important issues that affect all members, they are helping to pave the way for future retirees.

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Purpose Statement

To work with the Pre-Retirement Resource Committee and local chapters to assist active employees who are preparing for retirement

To work with local CSEA chapters and the Association to provide volunteers for preparing mail-outs, participating in voter registration drives, school board and other political campaigns; telephoning and electing labor friendly candidates that support public education.

To provide strong support for the passage of any legislation that will assist classified employees, retirement and public education, and to provide opposition to legislation that will have an adverse affect.

































Sacramento, March 10, 2014 -
Assemblyman Adam Gray, D-Merced, honored Faye Lane, CSEA Retiree Unit District E Director and Ceres School Board Trustee, as the 2014 Woman of the Year for the 21st Assembly District during a special Assembly ceremony today at the State Capitol.
Held annually, the Woman of the Year ceremony celebrates California's extraordinary women. Started in 1987 to help commemorate Women's History Month, the event has become one of the Capitol's most anticipated celebrations of community service each year. Honorees are presented with a certificate from the State Assembly recognizing their outstanding contributions to their community during a special ceremony in the Assembly chambers.



CSEA retirees have not retired at all! They phone bank, walk precincts, and work hard to get out the vote that will support the objectives of CSEA. Keeping our retirees involved is an important step in ensuring the future of the classified workers. This video explains YOUR role in Growing CSEA's Retiree Unit.



























































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